Monday, May 01, 2006

So far so good

Time to update, here it goes so far:

April 21st-23rd: Chicago, IL, USA
April 24th-26th: Dublin, Ireland
April 27th-May 2nd: Madrid, Spain
May 2nd: Salamanca, Spain
May 3rd: Porto, Portugal
May 4th-6th: Lisbon, Portugal
May 7th-8th: Lagos, Portugal
May 9th-10th: Seville, Spain
May 11th-12th: Cadiz, Algeciras, Marbella, Ronda, Malaga, Spain (car rental and road trip)
May 12th-13th: Granada, Spain
May 13th-June 29th: Apartment in Granada, Spain
May 30th-31st: Cordoba, Spain
June 12th-14th: Madrid, Spain
June 15th-21st: Morocco (cities updated soon)
June 29th: Rent a car and head to Bordeaux, France
July 1st-3rd: Bordeaux, France, Fete du Vin (Wine Festival)
July 4th-5th: San Sebastion, Spain
July 6th-9th: Pampalone, Spain (Running of the Bulls)
July 10th-12th: Santadar, Spain
July 13th: Drive to Berlin from Frankfurt, Germany
July 14th-18th: Berlin, Germany (14th-16th Love Parade)
July 19th-23rd: Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 23rd-25th: Brusells, Belgium
July 25th- 28th: Koln, Germany
July 29th-Aug 2nd: Freiburg, Germany
Aug 3rd: Meet up with the guys in Prauge, Czech Republic

Aug 14th - 15th: Krakow, Poland
Aug 16th - 18th: Budapest, Hungary
Aug 19th - 20th: Brasov, Romania
Aug 21st - 23rd: Sighisoara, Romania
Aug 24th - Bucarest, Romania
Aug 25th - Brasov, Romania
Aug 26th - 27th Sighisoara, Romania
Aug 28th - Brasov, Romania