Sunday, December 03, 2006

MrRyan's Itinerary

Details - Bah, what are those!? I'm tierd of planning, its really cutting into my seeing the world time. I will still keep this up to date as per the area, to the best of my knowledge, of where I will be. E-mail me for meet ups. Extra fast responses to all those lovely ladies out there!

Last updated: Jan. 16 2007

23: Dali, Yunnan, China
A few days after that... Lijiang
Sometime after that .... Tibetan Villages
And then ... Chengdu

Xi'an and Shaolin Temple
15: Beijing


4: Trans-Mongolian railroad
14: Moscow
17: Riga, Latvia
20: Edinburg, Scotland?
24: Dublin, Ireland

25 APRIL, 2007
Aer Lingus Flight EI125 Dublin-Chicago
26: Todd Flight Chicago-Kansas City
I'm excited, tired and back in Kansas (sad I'm not travelling anymore), guess it's about time I figure what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.

The End

P.S. - Time is coming short!!!! Visit soon. This is likely going to change (if you haven't noticed from all the changes so far), so if you are going to be in an area nearby where I'll be, shoot me an e-mail and I'll try my best to still meet up with you. (especially if you have somewhere to stay :)

Monday, October 23, 2006


Where is Coca? The best way to find out exactly where I am is to click here, and see where my most recent logon is from.

Quasi-Decent Map of Where I've been

And my intinerary, updated Dec 26th.

After that, I will probably travel to the north of the country, but possibly east to Cambodia and Vietnam.

Dec 24 - end of Feb - Laos, Myanmar, back to Southern Thailand. Wandering freely around SE Asia, with no end in mind.
Mid Feb - Borneo with a Cali friend!
end Feb - mid april - SE Asia randonmess.

then a week in Taiwan, perhaps, and 2-3 weeks in Japan before heading home sometime in late april or early may (not sure) you can see, the trip has become a 13-14 month trip. cause, why not?

After that...who knows? Well, probably back home, but maybe ill just retire and move to a deserted island. Either way, if you are in any of these areas at any time, I would love to meet up! Email me! (

Monday, May 01, 2006

So far so good

Time to update, here it goes so far:

April 21st-23rd: Chicago, IL, USA
April 24th-26th: Dublin, Ireland
April 27th-May 2nd: Madrid, Spain
May 2nd: Salamanca, Spain
May 3rd: Porto, Portugal
May 4th-6th: Lisbon, Portugal
May 7th-8th: Lagos, Portugal
May 9th-10th: Seville, Spain
May 11th-12th: Cadiz, Algeciras, Marbella, Ronda, Malaga, Spain (car rental and road trip)
May 12th-13th: Granada, Spain
May 13th-June 29th: Apartment in Granada, Spain
May 30th-31st: Cordoba, Spain
June 12th-14th: Madrid, Spain
June 15th-21st: Morocco (cities updated soon)
June 29th: Rent a car and head to Bordeaux, France
July 1st-3rd: Bordeaux, France, Fete du Vin (Wine Festival)
July 4th-5th: San Sebastion, Spain
July 6th-9th: Pampalone, Spain (Running of the Bulls)
July 10th-12th: Santadar, Spain
July 13th: Drive to Berlin from Frankfurt, Germany
July 14th-18th: Berlin, Germany (14th-16th Love Parade)
July 19th-23rd: Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 23rd-25th: Brusells, Belgium
July 25th- 28th: Koln, Germany
July 29th-Aug 2nd: Freiburg, Germany
Aug 3rd: Meet up with the guys in Prauge, Czech Republic

Aug 14th - 15th: Krakow, Poland
Aug 16th - 18th: Budapest, Hungary
Aug 19th - 20th: Brasov, Romania
Aug 21st - 23rd: Sighisoara, Romania
Aug 24th - Bucarest, Romania
Aug 25th - Brasov, Romania
Aug 26th - 27th Sighisoara, Romania
Aug 28th - Brasov, Romania

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kick Off!!

I am going to consider the start of my trip the night of May 30, 2006. This is the night before I leave for Chicago and then to Dublin with Mike. The first stop on my round the world trek will begin a few miles from my house to Morrison, Colorado to see Nine Inch Nails play a sold out concert at RED ROCKS (it's a natural volcanic rock amphitheater embedded in the base of the Rocky Mountains). BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! What a great way to say...goodbye America.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm with Mike

Ditto, except I leave from Denver at 10:00 in the AM to Chicago to meet with Mr. Flappan.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mike's itinerary

Um... most likely this will not be very accurate but i'll try and spit something out here.

31st - Fly to Chicago by myself
31st - Fly to Dublin, Ireland (oh yeah) with Brandle

1st - Chill in Dublin for a couple days
3rd - Bus to Cork and stay with Brandle's friend
5th - Bus back to Dublin and Fly to London
5th - Layover in London for a few hours then Jet to Granada, Spain
9th - Possibly meet up with my brother who just happens to be studying abroad in Spain.

At this point I'll be most likely with Mr Ryan until September or so... thus you can just check his itinerary out.

After this point I'm not exactly sure what my itinerary will look like... so I'll say it's TBD... I feel so savvy!!!

And that is all for now.

~ Mike out