Monday, October 23, 2006


Where is Coca? The best way to find out exactly where I am is to click here, and see where my most recent logon is from.

Quasi-Decent Map of Where I've been

And my intinerary, updated Dec 26th.

After that, I will probably travel to the north of the country, but possibly east to Cambodia and Vietnam.

Dec 24 - end of Feb - Laos, Myanmar, back to Southern Thailand. Wandering freely around SE Asia, with no end in mind.
Mid Feb - Borneo with a Cali friend!
end Feb - mid april - SE Asia randonmess.

then a week in Taiwan, perhaps, and 2-3 weeks in Japan before heading home sometime in late april or early may (not sure) you can see, the trip has become a 13-14 month trip. cause, why not?

After that...who knows? Well, probably back home, but maybe ill just retire and move to a deserted island. Either way, if you are in any of these areas at any time, I would love to meet up! Email me! (


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