Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mike's itinerary

Um... most likely this will not be very accurate but i'll try and spit something out here.

31st - Fly to Chicago by myself
31st - Fly to Dublin, Ireland (oh yeah) with Brandle

1st - Chill in Dublin for a couple days
3rd - Bus to Cork and stay with Brandle's friend
5th - Bus back to Dublin and Fly to London
5th - Layover in London for a few hours then Jet to Granada, Spain
9th - Possibly meet up with my brother who just happens to be studying abroad in Spain.

At this point I'll be most likely with Mr Ryan until September or so... thus you can just check his itinerary out.

After this point I'm not exactly sure what my itinerary will look like... so I'll say it's TBD... I feel so savvy!!!

And that is all for now.

~ Mike out


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